Urban Form Toolkit internal app


The Urban Form Toolkit is a location intelligence tool for determining the networkability of any given point on a map. A unique take on other isochrones tools, we perform transit analysis by pulling in the localized GTFS feeds to generate more accurate polygons. Planners can use this tool for determining how equitably public amentities are serving locals as well as determining the cross-sections of built environments to optimize the accessibility of future planning efforts.

Zaru internal app


Zaru is a data visualization tool that utilizes the GPU to perform real-time analysis of large spatial datasets in the web browser. By interpolating data values into the RGB spectrum of PNG files, we took large, multi-gigabyte datasets and shipped them to the browser in under 50 megabytes. The example shown contains ~2.5 million records of parcel data.


Co-Developer, Designer

MassBuilds is an APA award winning planning application that crowdsources development data across Massachusetts. If you want to know more about the development and design process for the latest version of this app, you can read about it here.


Co-Developer, Co-Designer

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council's DataCommon is the capstone of our new ETL pipeline. We use this website as both a portal and a reference point for our data claims and services. We provide access to our data as soon as it is updated internally without making any sacrifices to our internal security. Since we pull from the same datasets to create our data products, we directly reference stakeholders to this website so they can see the data sources themselves, increasing our agency's transparency and accountability.

State of Equity


The State of Equity for Metro Boston Policy Agenda website is a living document. Our team created this as a way of breaking down long-form policy documents into digestable, navigatable web pages. The full document is available on the website, but we break down some core takeways on the indicators page for those who prefer poking at visualizations over glaring down a PDF.

Housing Task Force

Developer, Co-Designer

This is a policy piece created to tell the story of the housing crisis that the Metro Boston region currently faces and the fifteen mayors who are taking strides toward amending it. Filled with strategic recommendations and best practices, the public and policymakers alike can understand how the crisis has evolved and ways of mitigating it.

Vault internal app

Developer, Designer

Vault is an internal application that secures private information for each project or client. It provides a centralized way for me to keep track of information in a remote yet secure way. It utilizes client-exclusive cryptography; the data is encrypted and decrypted during each session on the client-side which ensures that the data itself cannot be accessed without the proper consumer and key which is given by the user and never leaves the browser.

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